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Q:What do I need to do to order my wedding album?

A: Check out this link:



As of Jan 2010, I am using a new book publishing company. The books are 11" wide x 14"tall and have a satin cover with a photo on the front and back. They are flat out beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that people have been known to break out into random song and dance when they first look at their own album! (Ok, I made that up) A wedding album holds up to 250 photos. You can choose any amount of photos from your Engagement, Bridals, and Wedding to total up to 250 photos. You also need to pick one photo for the front cover and one photo for the back cover. The cover photos can be from any of the sessions and don't count against the 250 total. On the front cover I will put "Our Wedding Story". On albums that are included in the package, you  have up to 4 months to turn in your photo choices for the album or you forfeit the album. Please use the album credit within the time limit. You can choose to include less than 250 photos if you'd like. The albums are around 70 pages on average. So, if you choose less than 250 photos, you'll end up with less photos per page and larger individual photos on each page. It's totally up to you! Thanks!!

Q:How long will my formal / altar photos take? I don't want to be up there for an hour taking photos!

A: I have a method of doing the formal photos that is quick! If I don't have to go chasing down people and they cooperate...I can do the formals in as little as 15-30 minutes (under 30 min average). (yes, I time myself (-: ) We will meet up about a week before the wedding to create a list of who will be in your photos. This list and my formula are the keys to making this a quick experience. I'll share more at our meeting.

Q:What should I wear to my engagement or family shoot? How long does it take? How many outfits can I wear? Should I bring guests?

A: The main thing that I can say is, stay away from striped clothing if at all possible. Stripes are distracting and take away from the photo. Wear solid colors. Dress comfortably and make sure that you love your outfit. Try to pick clothing that flatters your figure. Example: If you wear a shirt that is baggy around the middle, it could make your middle look bigger. If you are not comfortable with the way your arms look, don't wear a sleeveless shirt. These are just some suggestions. The most important thing to remember is, when you look in the mirror at you love your outfit? If you do, than forget about the tips that I just gave you. Because if you feel great while taking your photos, and you like the clothes that you had on....then it's all good. :-) Ohh, another tip...bring a hair brush and possibly some hair spray with you so you can touch up your hair in case it's windy. If it's a summer shoot, bring a wash cloth for dabbing perspiration. If it's winter, dress comfortably and feel free to bring a jacket/coat that you can take on and off while shooting. Guests?: Engagement shoots are best with just the couple alone. Although, I'd NEVER say that your parents can't come, I would say to consider leaving them at home. In my experience, I notice that the couple is much more at ease when it's just the couple. So, it's really up to you.  

Shoots normally last around 2 Hours. In that time frame, you can choose as many locations and clothes changes that you'd like. Just remember, time spent driving to different locations will eat up your shooting time. Typically, people bring less than 3 outfits/clothing changes.

Q:What should I bring to my bridal shoot?

A: Things to bring: Pretty shoes and comfy shoes for walking. If your comfy shoes are your pretty shoes...that's even better. :-) Bring a brush and hairspray for touchups. Don't forget the flowers and your veil. If you don't want to get a full bouquet, consider a smaller "replica" bouquet or fake flowers. If you would like to sit on the ground in your dress, then bring a white sheet to put underneath your dress. I have a small blanket that I keep with me for certain things, but, I don't usually ask you to sit on the ground unless you specifically request that shot. It is normal for the bottom of your dress to get a little dirty. I take utmost care to keep the dress clean, but, in an outdoor environment, it can't totally be avoided. Feel free to bring as many people as you'd like. You'll love having your own cheering section! If it's summer time, don't forget a wash cloth for dabbing sweat. If it's cold, feel free to bring a jacket/coat. We can take it off right before we're ready to shoot. Guests?: For a bridal shoot, I say YES!! Bring as many friends and relatives that you'd like.



Q:Are the hours in the packages consecutive or can they be broken up?

A: The hours that are in the wedding packages, for the wedding day, are consecutive. Our time starts when we show up to your first location at the time that we discussed during our planning meetings. The time ends at the pre-determined time that we came up with during planning. If additional time is required, we can work that out with no problem. 

Q:Why are your prices so low?

A: My pricing structure is low because we don't pay rent to a landlord downtown for a studio. My studio is located at my home office. Most of my photo sessions are done on-location. (The world is our studio!!) We don't have a super high overhead, so,  we pass this savings on to the customer. But, we do not cut corners on quality! I am my worst critic and hold the quality of our work to high standards.

Also, I am a practical kind of person. We don't deliver your prints in fancy wrapped boxes, we use plain, protective, photo shipping boxes. I figure that you would rather save $15.00 on your prints than spend it on a fancy delivery box that you'll just throw away.

Q:Why are your prices so HIGH?

A: I sometimes get asked this question as well. People wonder how I can charge so much for just a few hours of wedding coverage, or, for a portrait session. People wonder why I charge $x.xx for a 5x7, when they can go to "Da Mart" or the Drugstore and have it printed for a "Buck Fifty"! Well, you are paying for more than a print. You are paying for time, years of experience, knowledge, top quality prints, extremely expensive camera equipment, expensive computers and software, lighting equipment, etc......

Six hours of wedding coverage is just a tiny amount of the actual time it takes to shoot a wedding. It actually requires well over 40 hours of work per wedding (or more, depending on if we did a Bridal and Engagement Session!). This includes equipment prep, drive time, meeting time, shooting times, editing time, posting to website time, ordering print time, delivering print time, etc..... Ohh, and, I have to pay my assistants, or they'll quit! LOL.

Just because someone has a "nice" camera, doesn't make them a professional photographer, it just makes them a person with a "nice camera". I have invested (and continually invest) countless hours and dollars into learning, reading, attending seminars and conferences, researching, equipment, etc... to get to the point where I even considered myself a professional. Think about this: Just because you could buy a really nice knife for $1000.00, does that qualify you to do surgery?  :-)

Q:What is an assistant photographer vs a 2nd photographer?

A: Assistant Photographer: My assistant rides with me to our first location on the wedding day. He stays my assistant until the time of the wedding ceremony. He then becomes my 2nd photographer. He turns back into my assistant after the ceremony is over. Once at the reception, he turns back into a 2nd once the first dances start. We shoot the rest of the wedding together. 2nd Photographer: A full 2nd photographer will show up to a totally separate location from myself if needed. (usually to photograph the guys getting ready) (I will hire an assistant for myself.) After the ceremony, they will usually head straight to the reception location. While we are doing formals at the altar, they are setting up equipment at the reception venue and possibly shooting details. It saves time once I arrive.   ff


Q:What do you wear to weddings? I've seen photogs show up in jeans to other peoples weddings.

A: Well, it depends on the wedding and the weather. If it's an outdoor wedding in the summer, I wear a nice collared short sleeve shirt and slacks. If it's an indoor wedding in summer I wear a dress shirt with a tie and slacks. If it's spring, fall, winter, I wear a dress shirt, tie, slacks and sometimes a suit jacket. I move around a whole lot. So, a suit at an outdoor wedding in summer won't cut it. I don't enjoy passing out. LOL! But really, we dress nicely and always in a professional manner.

Q: Do you need me to provide you with a list of the photos that I want for my wedding day?

A: No, you don't have to give me a shot list. :-) If it's there, I'll get it. We will get together a week before the wedding and we will put together a list of people to include in your formal photos. This list is essential to keeping the formal photo session quick. (99% of the time, under 20min) But, as far as a list of photos eg: photo of our hands on top of each other, dress in front of a window, bride kissing groom, etc.... If I didn't know to capture these types of moments....I'd have gone out of business a long time ago. LOL!

NOTE!! **Read this!** If you have any important info about details of the wedding day...don't hesitate to let me know!! Example: Brides hanky was made out of grandma's wedding dress, mom and dad are divorced and don't like each other, sister's daughter is in a wheelchair (I'll plan to make adjustments to the family photos to accommodate you guys) , etc... If it's a detail or moment that is very unique, I may not know that it is important to you.

Q:How will I see my pictures?

A: I will create a photo gallery online. You can see the images right from the website. Prints can be ordered directly from the site and shipped to your door.

Q:I can't decide on which photos I'd like to print. I'm overwhelmed. Can you help me choose?

A: Yes! If you feel overwhelmed on choosing photographs to hang on your wall, I can help. We can schedule an "In person ordering session". You guys can come over to my home and view the photos on my multiple monitor setup. I have software that helps us sort through the photos and we will rate them as we go. This will make your final purchase decisions easier. We can also preview different crops and you can view different sizes and frame options side by side.

Q:How long will it take to see my proofs on the website?

A: Proofs are often times ready within 3 weeks or so. I allow myself up to a maximum of 5 weeks after your shoot / wedding. If it's going to be more than 5 weeks, I will be in direct contact with you, this means that I'm sick or something is wrong. (I haven't had it go over 5 weeks in the 9+ years of business!) :-)

Q:How is BrewyetPhoto wedding photography different than the rest?

A: I try to be flexible and meet the special requirements of each individual, because, no two brides / families are the same. I feel that a photographer must make the client feel relaxed and comfortable. I try to bring an light attitude to a stressful environment to ease tension. I don't just "take pictures", I create Art. Photographs that will last a lifetime. Not gimmicky or styled with the latest fad, I want timeless. Call for an appointment. I'd love to listen to your needs.


Q:Why should I do my formal (alter shots of bride and groom / immediate family / wedding party) BEFORE the wedding instead of after? My Mom said that the Bride and Groom can't see each other before the wedding!?

A: The tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other dates back to the days of arranged marriages. Often, the groom didn't see his bride until AFTER he had said "I do"! So, unless you are entering into an arranged marriage, there is nothing wrong with seeing your other half early. Here are some Pro's and Con's of doing the formals before or after the wedding, we can talk more in person if you are interested. 

Pros of doing the formals after:

1) Bride and Groom don't see each other until after. 2) That's it.

Cons of doing the formals after:

1) Time! We will be rushed to get this done in 15-20 min. We WILL get the shots, but remember, creativity takes time. 2) The wedding party will want to get to eating/drinking/dancing/etc... 3) If the parents are emotional types, they will have red puffy eyes from crying during the ceremony. etc...

Pros of doing the formals before the wedding starts:

1) Time! We can schedule about 30 min of time before the ceremony to get these done. I do a "Bridal Reveal". (I'll explain in detail at our meeting) It's much more intimate than seeing your bride for the first time with 300 other people. 2) After the ceremony, you have more time to talk to people who want to congratulate you. 3) The priest / minister is not rushing us out of the Church due to mass / confession that starts 10 min after your wedding. 4) It eases stress on you guys.

This is something that I can only suggest. I would never push it on someone. But, I know from experience, that it works better. But, like I said, it is your day! Only you guys can make the call on this. THANKS!!...Chris


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