Brewyet Photography - Professional Photography Lafayette LA: Blog en-us Brewyet Photography LLC We're more affordable than you think. Thanks!! (Brewyet Photography - Professional Photography Lafayette LA) Sun, 15 Nov 2020 20:50:00 GMT Sun, 15 Nov 2020 20:50:00 GMT Brewyet Photography - Professional Photography Lafayette LA: Blog 86 120 192,000+ Photographs As I go through the galleries in my website, I remember back to when each and every one of them was taken. It's such an awesome and humbling feeling. We have over 192,000 photographs in the website. That's just from the last 10 years when I started this new website. I had 4 years of photos on the old site before they crashed it. So many memories in these galleries. 

If you're looking for a photographer, you have a ton of choices. More now than ever. But there are few with more experience and are more affordable than Brewyet Photography. Schedule an in-person meeting with us to learn how we can help your big day run as smoothly as possible. I have proven methods of handling your formal photos to help make them go as fast as possible. I have a planning strategy that will help with making your day run smoothly with minimal stress. We have your best interest in our hearts. 

Thanks for reading! If you're a previous client, please consider going on Google and leaving us a review. It really helps us out. THANKS...Chris!  

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Most Prized Award _MG_0382fb_MG_0382fb


People have encouraged me to enter my photographs into more competitions. Competitions are great! Who wouldn't like to earn a merit, trophy, or prize? I mean there are some photographers who REALLY deserve to win these contests. They are great photographers. For me, it doesn't really excite me all that much.

You know what does??

Repeat clients.

Repeat clients are my absolute favorite thing!! When I have the opportunity to photograph another family member of a bride or groom...that's an honor. 

I have had the honor and pleasure of doing this on many occasions. Every single one of them just makes me excited. To me, it must mean that we must have done something right. That's my highest award. My blue ribbons hang on the parent's walls in the form of a 16x20 bridal portrait that they allowed me to create. 

I had the very special honor of photographing all three of Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Jay's children. We photographed the baby of the family this weekend. This was my award ceremony. Thank you for trusting us to photograph these special moments for you guys. It means more to me than you'll ever know. 

The ones that started it off: Dana and Danny 2012


Then came Georgie and Josh in 2015


Then came Brooke and Travis this past weekend. 11/18/17


Their family has grown and been greatly blessed. 


Thanks again to all of my past and future clients for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We treat all weddings with the same respect, whether you have 400 or 40 on your guest list, it's all the same thing to us.

Thanks, Chris and the Brewyet Photography Team



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The story of Brewyet Photography and my Logo. The story of Brewyet Photography and my Logo. 

The year was 2005, the city was Lafayette, it was a simpler time and a easier way of life. We still used horse and buggies and Johnston St was still gravel. ...ok, that's all lies... But, the iPhone or Smartphone hadn't been introduced yet, and digital photography was just becoming a thing. I was a budding photographer just getting into the art of digital photography. I loved landscape photography. With a Canon 20d in hand, I fell in love with the digital process of photography. The beauty of being able to take photographs and develop them at home on my computer vs sending the film off was amazing!! Revolutionary to the industry, in fact!! I loved going out into nature and watching the sunset or sunrise. (still do) I originally wanted to get into professionally photographing motocross. I loved motocross. (still do) I had no intention of photographing weddings or brides.

IMG_0001Lake Martin LA Sunset 2006 Brewyet Photography

A print of a Lake Martin sunset from 2006 that still hangs in my bathroom. (where all of the best art hangs. LOL) 

Then one day a friend called me to ask if I'd photograph her sister's wedding. I promptly said NO. She then said, how about if you just "help" me shoot it. So, I was like, I can do that! I had 6 months to prepare. I began devouring anything I could get my eyes on that pertained to wedding photography and the business of wedding photography. It was my first time shooting a wedding, but, it wouldn't be my last.

...I was hooked... 

12095268_10154305683877782_7050529002360342139_oLafayette LA Wedding Photography Brewyet Photography

Photo from my first wedding in 2006

I was already busy with my fence building business, lawn care business, and my full time job at PHI. But, after a while of doing it all, I decided to quit building fences and lawn care to pursue photography. Wedding photography in particular. I was still devouring information about the business, lighting, posing, etc. I was passionate about it. (still am) I was showing my photos to masters and getting them ripped apart as well as the occasional "atta boy". Those guys would sometimes tear my heart out. But, this is the best way to learn. I still carry those critiques in my mind today. It made me a better photographer. 

The Logo

Logo Design v3.0 black bg current no phone numberLogo Design v3.0 black bg current no phone number

The logo came about by my style of shooting. It defines my style. I almost always shoot sessions right before sunset. Most of the time, I'll have the bride facing away from the sunset. Capturing a sunset in the background with a beautiful bride in the foreground is one of my trademarks. And that folks, is how I came up with the Setting Sun Logo. 


HPB-060Bridal Photos Lafayette LA

VDB-002Lake Martin Louisiana Bridal Photography

(Side note for those who don't know: Brewyet is a phonetic representation of the pronunciation of my last name Brouillette. Think of it's pronunciation like you're going to BREW the coffee, but, not YET.)

I added a motto to the business in 2007. "Professional Photography With Personality" I always strived to get the photograph that the client wanted. I've had people come to me with an idea floating around in their head. It starts off with "do ya think we could get a picture with us and a yada yada" or "have you ever tried to yada yada?" I love to take client's personality and incorporate it into their sessions. If they come to me with an acorn of an idea, we'll turn it into an oak tree together. 

I recently added another motto: 

you get what you pay for quality tattooyou get what you pay for quality tattoo

"Quality isn't cheap and experience is priceless." ©Brewyet Photography LLC

With over 200 weddings under my belt, I've been there and done that for the most part. I've seen some stuff. LOL!! We know how to handle just about any situation, any venue, and any mother of the bride. :-)  We have tried and true methods of making things work on your wedding day. There's no such thing as a "standard" wedding. I've photographed weddings with 400+ guests and weddings with as few as 6 people. (true story!) We've shot weddings outside at noon in the brightest of light and receptions at midnight in the darkest of dark. We've worked in the largest Churches and reception halls to people's living rooms. To me, there is no such thing as "It's just a small and informal wedding". We treat EVERY wedding as if it were the most important wedding we've ever done. In the wise words of Jeremy, my friend/business partner/2nd shooter/helper/assistant/etc... , "90% ain't 100%". Do it all the way or don't do it. That's how we roll. It's why I don't give discounts. I won't discount my work, therefore, I can't discount my price. 


 Thanks for reading, I'll try and put up some more posts in the future! 

Logo Design White with brewyet photography 1-3-16Logo Design White with brewyet photography 1-3-16

Brewyet Photography LLC provides professional wedding photography to the Lafayette Louisiana area and the entire acadiana area. We also travel to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We are also proud to include Photo Booth Rental to the Lafayette LA area as well! We purchased Freeze Frame Photobooths this year and are excited to bring the same quality of service that their past clients have enjoyed. 


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A test of this blog new thingy. Brewyet Photo, Lafayette LA Wedding Photography Hi there! My name is Chris Brouillette. Nice to meet ya! My last name is pronounced "Brew Yet", like, you're gonna brew the coffee, but not yet. Hence the name Brewyet Photography. We provided professional on-location photography for weddings, families, and much more in the Lafayette LA area. We travel to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New Iberia, etc as well. My website is . You can view package prices and information by clicking HERE. I like to put my pricing on the website so that customers can easily see if I'm in their price range. I try to keep the prices as low as possible. I don't offer a bunch of "foo foo" stuff, like tissue paper in your print packaging or fancy custom usb drives with laser engraved photos of swans on the handle in an antique mahogany box. :-) You'll get the highest of quality photos, delivered in plain ole cardboard. You'll get your digital images on a generic, but high quality, usb drive in the original package. What can I say, I'm a practical kinda guy. The brides that I normally work with would rather pay less and get more prints (aka: a better value), than pay for fancy stuff that you're gonna throw away anyhow. Feel free to check out my Facebook Page if you get a chance. I share a bunch of "Sneak Peeks" on there so you can get an overview of my work. Anyway, just wanted to try this blog thing out. I may post more if I come across something interesting. Make your day awesome!!.....Chris

Saying of the day: In order to do something, You have to do something. Meaning, if you don't act on your goals and dreams, they won't do themselves. Get at it. Don't quit. Don't be afraid to learn. Anything worth doing, won't be easy. Get er done!! :-)

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